Full Terms & Conditions for Dreses dsigned and made to order "in person".


In these Terms & Conditions ‘Anne Fontenoy’ is referred to as ‘the Proprietor’, the Consumer as ‘the Customer’ and the garment as ‘the Work’.

1. PRICES. The price is calculated @ £25 per hour plus the cost of materials for dresses designed for you; £22.50 for alterations. Fabric and haberdashery costs are subject to suppliers’ current prices prevailing at the date of this contract. Estimates are valid for 1 month from the date they are given to the Customer. Any changes to the design of garments will be charged at the prevailing hourly rate in addition to the original estimate plus any additional material costs. A final account will be given on completion.

2. PAYMENT TERMS. An advance deposit is due to confirm the order. The balance is due when the garment is completed (cleared funds). The Deposit is not returnable and there are no cancellation rights once the order is confirmed by the deposit, although the customer may withdraw from entering into a contract any time prior to the deposit being paid to the Proprietor. Payment is preferred by bank transfers which are free of charge, other forms of payment accepted are cheques up to £2,000, Chip & Pin and Contactless Debit and Credit cards are accepted for face-to-face transactions only, at a distance cards are accepted via PayPal money request. Post-dated cheques are not accepted. 3-5 working days’ bank clearance is needed on cheques before purchase of materials or commencement of work. Please make Cheques/POs payable to: ANNE FONTENOY. No Cash please. . The Proprietor retains all title in goods until the final balance is paid when ownership passes to the Customer.

3. COLLECTION/DELIVERY. In general, goods shall be collected from the proprietor. If delivery is requested by the Customer, quotes for packaging and delivery will be given in writing to the Customer for approval prior to despatch. Deliveries will be despatched when the goods are finished and payment is received as bank cleared funds.

4. ACCEPTANCE. All garments are made using handmade techniques and all sewing is entirely by hand. The Proprietor will use her aesthetic judgement to create the Work and diligence and skill will be exercised in the execution of the Work. The Customer will accept the Work once completed unless the Work is not substantially in accordance with the description. Please allow up to 30 days after notification to the Proprietor for any defects in workmanship to be rectified.

5 TERMINATION.5.1 The Proprietor may terminate the Work if the Customer is late in paying any sum due and a written request will be made for any outstanding amount. If the amount due is not paid within 30 days of written notice the Proprietor may terminate the Work and be entitled to a proportion of the final instalment due based on the stage of completion reached at the time of termination. If the Work is terminated legal title and ownership in the Work will be retained by the Proprietor.5.2 Termination will be automatic on the death or incapacity of the Proprietor whereupon all payments due should be paid to the Proprietor or her estate and the Customer may keep the Work in progress and any preliminary designs for the purpose only of completing the Work by a person approved by the Proprietor or her estate. If the Customer does not wish to have the Work completed the Work in progress and the preliminary designs shall belong to the Proprietor or her estate.5.3 The Proprietor will not be treated as being in default if there is any delay in completing the Work due to any cause beyond the Proprietor’s reasonable control.  

6. PROPRIETARY RIGHTS. The copyright and design right and all related rights in dressmaking patterns and original garments designs by Anne Fontenoy shall always remain the exclusive property of the Proprietor and the Customer will at all times acknowledge the Proprietor as creator. Any reproduction rights will require separate agreement in writing. The Proprietor warrants that the Work will be original and will not infringe the copyright or design right of any third party. UK law is applicable to all contracts.

If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints about the goods or services that I provided please put these in writing and send them to: Anne Fontenoy   36a Clifton RoadTunbridge WellsKent TN2 3ARe-mail: afontenoy@gmail.comTelephone (Monday to Friday, daytime only please) 01892 521153 Please leave a message if you reach the answerphone and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

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Anne Fontenoy is registered with HMRC as a self-employed Sole Trader.